ur organic blueberry bushes were cultivated decades ago by old and dear family friends and perhaps that is the secret of their sweetness. Whatever its cause they are the most delicious, most luscious, largest blueberries to be had, and the crown jewel of Blueberry Brooke. Guests who are fortunate enough to be here during blueberry season (late June through August) will venture out to enjoy some with breakfast and find their morning consumed in the pure pleasure of picking.

Visitors, whether picking alone or with friends and family, will find that the delights of a homemade blueberry pie or fresh-from-the-griddle blueberry pancakes are doubled by the quiet joy of a long afternoon or sunny morning spent in the serene company of the blueberry field.

Our bushes and paths are beautifully tended and the fruits are easy to gather.  Come to pick and take home one bucket (7-8 pints) for $20.

Because we sometimes hold private events at Blueberry Brooke, and because the season varies from year to year, pick-your-own visitors should call to confirm availability.